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PPC: Making every click count

Our expert team has over 30 years of combined experience and consistently meets client objectives and KPIs. From the beginning of the relationship our clients have complete transparency.

Once we understand your objectives we can embark on the account creation. There is more than one way to skin a cat and a PPC account is no different. However, there are some fundamental rules we follow and questions we ask of ourselves and our clients in order to ensure we have the right structure in place to enable efficient management of budgets, reports and targets.

Watch the video for an insight into the Google auction algorithm.


What we offer

  • Account audit & build

    The PPC account structure is the most important factor for successful results. While an account shouldn’t stand still it is much easier to work with if a good structure is in place. The account has to be setup in a way that allows for ease of management, growth, analysis and reporting. If you have an existing account we will carry out a full audit and give recommendations on how best to proceed.

  • Keyword lists

    Regardless of budget we will ensure we have all possible keyword variations in the account and ready to activate when/if needed. We ensure we cover all long tail variations to give the account the best chance of starting with the lowest possible CPCs through small ad groups with relevant ad copy and with the best conversion rates.

  • Ad copy writing

    Our experienced copywriters will submit a number of ad variations to ensure we are keeping within the brand guidelines and tone of voice. We have our own method of testing ad copy and have found this provides the cleanest learnings. We also have our own best practices for when writing ads. It allows us to drive a positive CTR while adhering to Quality Score and relevancy needs.

  • Ad extensions

    Ad extensions are a great way of communicating the breadth of your offering, adding depth to your ad so you occupy more of the real estate which now now influences relevancy and quality score. We maximise the usage of all relevant options to help improve CTR, conversion rates and give the user a richer experience with your brand.

  • Landing page optimisation

    The team will suggest suitable landing pages to use and test. If we feel that these pages could work harder we’ll look to utilise CRO before recommending new bespoke pages for your PPC activity. If the new pages perform we can look to roll out the structure across the site to assist other channels conversion rates.

  • Mobile PPC

    Mobile has finally started to overtake desktop traffic volumes. The next milestone will be for mobile conversions to overtake desktop. Via your Analytics software and existing AdWords account we can understand the value that mobile traffic has on your business performance and create a suitable strategy to support this device and users. There are fewer PPC ads on a mobile device so we’ll create bespoke ads for mobile users.

  • Tracking & reporting

    We have a vast amount of experience with third party tracking and analytics solutions. We’ll ensure the PPC account is integrated with your analytics packages to give you clean and accurate reporting. We offer bespoke reporting for all our clients. We realise that one size doesn’t fit all and each client has different reporting needs.

  • Review meetings

    We recommend as a minimum we have a weekly call with clients that are followed by a monthly review meeting. Here we’ll discuss performance, learnings and findings and discuss the coming month’s KPIs. This also provides an opportunity to discuss market/industry developments and what new opportunities are available.


Our process



Budget management

Do you want your budget to last the whole day? The whole month? Have you thought about budget for Bing? Have you allocated budget for mobile search? We maximise brand exposure and make the budget work as hard as possible.



Search queries

We monitor search queries on a regular basis to expand the breadth of keywords targeted. We also look for any irrelevant queries to help grow the list of negative terms. This is a great way to improve account performance and efficiency. This task will have greater importance with Google now automatically applying close variant matching to all keywords and match types.



Match type analysis

Match types provide a tricky balancing act. Exact match can convert best but Broad match offers the cheapest CPCs. We’ll find the right combination of match types with appropriate negatives in order to meet your KPIs.



Quality score analysis

Before we engage in targeting specific positions and increasing CPCs, we optimise the quality score (QS) of each keyword. An improvement in QS can lead to improved positions and/or reduced CPCs. Who doesn’t like cheaper CPCs?



Ad copy relevancy

Is the ad copy relevant? Is the ad copy compelling? Is the offer competitive? More importantly, is the copy accurate? Are we maximising the ad extensions? How can we have the most relevant ad in the auction and ensure we add value to the users search experience?



Landing page relevancy

Is the keyword pointing to the right landing page? Are we deep linking the user? Are we driving traffic too deep into the site? Is the landing page working hard enough? Could we achieve an uplift in performance by changing elements of the page or by building a bespoke page?



Bid management

Advertisers have what we call vanity keywords. The objective could be for specific keywords to maintain a desired position for branding purposes.



Click path analysis

How many touch points are needed before a conversion? How many channels does the user need to be exposed to before converting? Which attribution model should you be using? How many assisted conversions is PPC generating? Before deciding whether a keyword is sustainable we will analyse the impact it is having on other keywords and advertising channels.



Bounce rate

What is the user doing once on your site? Is the user having to navigate further to find what they want? What is the bounce rate? What is the average time on site? Again, we don’t look at each question/scenario in isolation. A high bounce rate can be contradicted if users are spending a long time on the site/page.

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