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Google Certified Partner? Check.

All senior account team? Only the best.

Outstanding ROI? It's all about the results.

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PPC, Pay-per Click, Paid Search… call it whatever you want, you’ll always get outstanding results with us

Our core elements of a running a successful PPC campaign for you are:

  • Account Structure
  • Keyword Mix
  • Ad Copy Testing
  • Landing Page Test
  • Conversion Analysis
  • Account Structure

Account Structure
Like building a house you must get the foundations right. Developments with ad extensions in Google have increased the need for a detailed and granular structure. We do all the hard work to develop a solid account structure for you which allows us to have effective budget management and no budget suffocation.  A good structure also helps serve the most relevant extensions to the user, giving them a better brand experience and communicating your offering. A good structure will help with relevancy so you can target a great quality score and lastly, a good structure makes reporting quick and clear.

Keyword Mix
Having the right mix of keywords and match types is imperative if you want to meet your objectives. Amazingly enough many advertisers neglect the long tail. This is a lazy tactic and doesn’t give the account a chance to generate lower cost clicks and conversions. These type of searches are traditionally closer to end of the conversion path. We help you to target to these users with a relevant ad and offer. Without including these keywords you will be trusting a generic ad or inaccurate ad to grab the users attention, not to mention paying an inflated Cost Per Click.

Ad Copy Testing
To make someone click on your ad rather than a competitors we create a hierarchy of information for each ad, as the amount of characters is limited, the ad copy we write is precise and targeted to communicate the offer.

Landing Page Testing
We’ve done the hard part! They clicked your ad and have visited the site, let’s not make them have to look hard for what they want and navigate through the site. We have less than a second to keep the user engaged so deep linking to the most relevant page is key to make them buy your product or service.  We also work with you to test the best page layouts to increase conversion and number of sales.

Conversion Analysis
We understand the value of each click by analysing the click path across all channels.  For instance it is not very common that a user will see your PPC ad for the first time click it and buy something straight away.  Most likely they will have seen a number of different mediums such as display ad, email, SEO result, facebook page, PPC ad before they decide to buy.  We work out the direct effect of this user behaviour to optimise your PPC campaigns in granular detail and generate more sales.

Does it work?

Here’s what our clients say:

David Lloyd PPC Make It Rain“Make It Rain have significantly increased our enquiry conversion rate while boosting the volume of new membership enquiries.

Even more impressively they have driven down our cost per enquiry by nearly 50%. I would highly recommend Make It Rain to any business looking to improve their online ROI.”

David Lloyd Leisure

Working with Make It Rain will give you:

  • Dedicated client service and attention to detail
  • Detailed dashboard, weekly and monthly reporting
  • Systematic approach to overhauling your main online competitors
  • Constant testing and refinement of targeting and tactics